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"The form follows the function is a design principle of design and architecture. This presupposes that the form - the organization of things - is derived from its function, i. derive their purpose. Conversely, one can derive a function from the form " The term is part of a famous quote by American architect Louis Henry Sullivan. In Germany, the design principle was consistently applied for the first time by Bauhaus. In particular, the use of novel materials and technologies opened up revolutionary perspectives. Many years of experience, understanding of shapes and colors as well as a lot of flair in dealing with and cooperation with the customer always make great things happen. We are happy to develop and design for you too

Caravan Exterior Decor Design In the design process, it is thus possible to influence the function, operability and service life of an object, which is particularly relevant in the design of industrially manufactured products. Here, for example, for the caravan industry.

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